Peanut Butter Shamrock Blossom Cookies

 peanut butter shamrock blossom cookies

It’s no wonder that Peanut Butter Blossom cookies are the favorite cookie of so many. Peanut butter and chocolate are old friends that go together perfectly.  We decided to bring a St. Patrick’s Day twist to this delicious cookie by swapping the traditional Hershy’s Kiss with a shamrock-shaped chocolate and using green sugar on the outside of the cookie.

These cookies are so easy to make, and the St. Patty’s Day elements only added a couple of extra steps.  I used my shamrock chocolate candy mold to make the shamrock “blossom” centers, and I used dyed sugar to roll the dough in before baking.

How to Dye Sugar

Have you ever dyed your sugar?  Its pretty darn simple.  Get your sugar, add a couple of drops of food coloring, and stir it (or shake it if you’re combining in a baggy).  Keep adding additional dye or sugar until you get to your desired color.


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Jack O’ Lantern Pot Pies from My Paper Crane

Heidi Kenney is well known for adding faces to food. Here she whips up some adorably festive pot pies with little jack o’ lantern faces!  Find the recipe at My Paper Crane!  And, if you’re up for making your own puff pastry, Annies Eats shares a tutorial for making your own from scratch!

Lunch Without Nuts: 19 Simple Ideas for Peanut-Free Lunches

We’re going on 3 years of having at least one of our kids in peanut-free classrooms, and in that time, we’ve actually had fun and embraced the challenge of finding simple, healthy alternatives to our favorite PB&J sandwich.

If you’re looking for some nut-free lunch solutions, or are just stuck in a peanut butter rut, these ideas are sure to get your juices flowing! They are all finger foods that can be eaten cold – perfect for packing in the school lunch bag!



1. Cucumber sandwiches: These were a big hit with my girls last year. We would change it up between cucumbers with cream cheese and cucumbers with Miracle Whip.

lunch cucumber sandwich

2. Salami and cream cheese sandwich: Meat and cheese sandwiches are great alternatives to PB&Js. The trick is finding out which meat and cheese combos your kids love. Right now their favorite is Black Forrest Ham with Smoked Gouda.

lunch salami cream cheese

3. Tomato and mozzarella sandwich

lunch mozzarella tomato


4. Cream cheese and jelly sandwich: Another favorite around here. My kids would eat these everyday if I let them!lunch cream cheese jelly

5. Turkey and cranberry sandwich: These are great around the holidays, and the cranberries give the sandwich a delicious tangy sweetness. You can find a simple recipe for homemade cranberry sauce here.

lunch turkey cranberry

Roll-Ups and Wraps


6. Turkey and cream cheese roll-ups: These often show up as appetizers at parties, but they’re just as at home in your kiddo’s lunchbox!

lunch turkey roll-ups

7. Rainbow wraps and chives:
lunch rainbow wrap

8. Healthy hummus wrap: I was so surprised when I learned that my picky eaters like hummus. Use it wrapped with veggies for a lunch that’s healthy and tasty.

lunch hummus wrap

9. Pizza roll-ups: There aren’t very many foods that both of my kids like, but pizza is definitely one of them. Try this variation of the famous kid-pleaser

lunch pizza rollup

10. Sushi sandwich with cream cheese: This is a fun, non-fishy way to pack your bento with sushi

lunch sushi sandwich

11. Lettuce wraps: Wrap chicken salad or egg salad in lettuce and keep the forks at home!

lunch lettuce wraps

12. Sushi sandwich with tuna: Tuna salad is a lot more fun dressed up as sushi

lunch tuna sandwich sushi


These recipes easily go from the dinner table to the lunch box the next day!

13. Quesadillas: Keep ’em simple with just cheese, or add chicken and veggies to squeeze a little more nutrition between the layers!

lunch quesadillas

14. Frittatas: Eggs, cheese, and veggies are much more portable as a frittata.

lunch fritatta

15. Veggie pizza: Add your little one’s favorite veggies and I promise, he will love this!

lunch vegetable pizza

16. Baked chicken fingers: Perfect for dinner with the kids, then add the leftovers right to the lunch box for the next morning.

lunch chicken tenders

17. Heart-shaped empanadas: Send your love to school with these tasty leftovers. (Here is a recipe for “make ahead”mini empanadas)

lunch heart empanadas

18. Healthier-Pigs-in-a-Blanket: The “pigs” in this recipe are actually turkey dogs. Add some cheese and they will be an instant favorite.


lunch turkey pigs in blankets

19. Mini Quiches: Make muffin tin quiches for easy lunch-time eating (recipe for mini-quiches).
lunch quiche


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