DIY Ride-On Toy for Toddlers


modern kids ride on toy made by joel Check out Made By Joel for the details on how he made this totally rad ride-on for his kiddos! I love that they can haul a bunch of toys around on the inside as well! If you’re not one for using power tools, just have the folks at the hardware store make the cuts, and assemble yourself at home! (Click here to learn more)

DIY Masking Tape Roadway

found via fie de meyer on pinterest

I love all of the details in this homemade roadway!  All of it, including the cityscape in the background, was made from colorful masking tape (painter’s tape, washi tape…whatever you choose to call it). I think this idea could work equally well for those without a dedicated play space if you used a rug that could be easily rolled up and put away when not in use.  Check out le Jarden de Juliet for more photos of the project!

Homemade Lacing Block


The Wonder Years shares many Montessori-inspired activities that can be made at home. This lacing board is simple to make and is perfect to help your preschooler practice his lacing skills. Click here to learn how to make one AND how to introduce the activity to your child!

Bottle Cap Stamps


Here’s a fun and easy way to add custom stamps to your child’s art supplies! Go check out Mel’s Own Place for a tutorial on making these stamps using bottle caps!