Baseball Stitch Tutorial


If you’re ever at a loss for how to stitch shut that hole used for stuffing your softie, then check out this picture tutorial from Stardust Shoes. I love the results and can easily see how it got it’s name. :)

Germ Softies


I remember hearing the term, “teachable moments” in some early childhood classes I took years ago. Yep…that’s what this is. Exactly. Click here to see how Mountain Pulse made learning about germs relevant, fun, and memorable for her 4 year old daughter. Wonderful idea to keep in your back pocket for when you have a sick one at home.

Bring Forth The Bunnies

I’ve got this bunny collection. And it’s big. And I anticipate it continuing to grow through Easter. So…I’d like to know the best way for me to share it with you. Would you prefer spurts of small round-ups once or twice per week? A bunny each day? One big list right off the bat? What do you think?

I’ll give you a few just the get the ball rolling!

Wee Bunny from Wee Wonderfuls


From Allsorts (it’s a pin, but I could also see this being attached to a hair clip or headband for some little bunny sweetness!)


Free softie pattern from The Purl Bee. They also have patterns for the clothes (dress, pants and shirt, knitted sweater)!