Lier from Ikat Bag has made the most inspiring bit of confectionery magic that I have seen in a very long time. She’s updating her shop soon with items from her wooden bakeshop and wooden ice cream parlor, so I wanted to give everyone a heads up. Go see her posts for all of the [...]


Felt Roadway Play Mat

Peixinhos No Sotao shares a simple play mat idea for playing cars. She offers a basic template, so you can keep it simple or jazz it up as you wish! See it here!


Milk Carton Dump Truck

Love this toy dump truck made from recyclables! See Origami Mommy for the details!


Homemade Bottle Cap Game

This super-fun homemade toy from Julie K in Taiwan is a fabulous way to let your little ones practice screwing the tops on and off of bottles without losing the caps. Perfect for car rides! Check it out here!

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Busy Book Ideas

Busy Books are very popular right now…for good reason. They’re compact and loaded with fun things for littles to do while (hopefully) sitting quietly. If you’ve been thinking about making one but are at a loss for ideas, be sure to check out Little Hands Big Work. I love the pages in her most recent [...]


Matchbox Dollhouse and More

  Trixi, from Coloured Buttons, has been coming up with some really amazing kid toys using matchboxes as her foundation. This doll house is incredible with all of its tiny details, plus she’s added a bit of ribbon going through the roof making it highly portable (and fun to wear)! She didn’t stop with this [...]


Homemade Personalized Checkers Set

The Thrifty Chick came up with a clever remake of the classic game of Checkers. Here she shows how you can easily make over an existing Checkers set to make your own set with family photos!

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DIY Wooden Name Blocks

I love this set of personalized name blocks from Melissa at Chasing Cheerios!. These would make a great gift for any child, especially those just learning to spell their name. What a fun way to practice putting the letters in the right order! Older kids could take it a step further by rearranging the letters [...]

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Pipe Cleaner Fairies

How sweet are these pipe cleaner fairies from 5 Orange Potatoes? They would go perfect in a backyard fairy garden! Click here to learn how to make the fairies.


Sea Monster Glove Tutorial

This little sea monster glove is a great way to make use of a lonely glove while making something fun for the kiddos to play with. Crafts and Creations with KMOM14 has a tutorial on her blog!