Hi there!

This is my little blog about making stuff for kids. 🙂   Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out what we’re all about!

Do you like to make stuff for your kids?  Great…We have a lot in common!

I’m a WAHM of two little girls – they’re 5 and 6 so I think I can still refer to them as little girls – and I spend my day making things and then sharing what I’ve made.  And of course, sometimes I just look at what other people have made and I share that as well!

I love staying home with my kids and I endeavor to always be able to work from home. To that end, I try to make a little extra income from this blog in the form of affiliate links, advertisements, and hopefully someday my own original sewing and knitting patterns (and maybe a book? and an online class? I’ve got big plans, here!)

I’m a big sewer, or home sewist if you will, so you’ll find plenty of sewing-related tutorials and patterns here. But, I’m not just a one-trick-pony. My interests are quite varied, so pretty much if its anything you can make for kids, you’ll find it here:   yarn crafts, printables, homemade toys, homeschooling activities, etc.  I do not homeschool, but it is a bit of a dream of mine, so I am always interested in at-home learning activities. Also, my children both currently attend Montessori school, so I have additional interest in DIY Montessori-inspired materials.

Lastly, I am very enthusiastic about everything I talk about here, so you may notice I use exclamation marks freely. Please know, I really am that excited about what I’m saying…they’re legitimate exclamation marks. 🙂

I hope you stick around and maybe leave a comment or two here and there so we can get to know each other!  It is much more fun to create things together, don’t you think?

Take care and I’ll see you soon!