Paper Airplane Crafts for Parties and Decor

For Parties

Paper Airplane Invitation from Invite and Delight

paper airplane invite


Paper Airplane garland from It’s Two AM

paper airplane bunting


Paper Airplane cake bunting from Armelle

paper airplane cake bunting


Catapult Paper Airplane from Mini Eco (great fun for an airplane party!)

paper airplane catepult mini eco


For the Home

Paper Airplane Embroidery from Little Lovelies

paper airplane embroidery little lovelies


Paper Airplane Mobile from Lauren Clark

paper airplane mobile lauren clarks blog


Paper Airplane Canvas at Mom Endeavors

paper airplane on canvas mom endeavors


And of course, my Paper Airplane Shadowbox!



Related Books:

Paper Airplane Shadowbox

A favorite pastime this summer for my girls and I was making paper airplanes! We had so much fun, especially on those days that were rainy, or just too hot to venture out.

One of the things that struck me the most with the airplanes was the vast variety of shapes they presented, and the various flight patterns that resulted. I decided to miniaturize some and display for further study. :)


plus a book or two with paper airplane folding instructions…we used this one for most of the airplanes






Now display on a wall or shelf…


This is one of those pieces that would go well in a nursery or small child’s room. Just make sure to use thin paper for the airplanes, as they tend to get quite thick with all of the folds. Origami paper would work very well. Our book came with thin colored paper, which is what I used here.

Do you love paper airplanes?  Be sure to check back tomorrow for a ton of awesome paper airplane projects!

Butterfly Mobile Tutorial


Indie Fixx shares a tutorial for making this sweet butterfly mobile from gift wrap. I love the natural elements, too. You can view the entire project here!

Wired Button-Letters: Tutorial


Sister Diane has created a wonderful tutorial for making these button-letters. Kids love seeing the letters in their name and there are probably loads of ways you could use these. I could see one of these hanging from a child’s backpack as an accessory, or perhaps you could make a monogram to hang over your kiddo’s bed! You can find the how-to at CraftyPod!