Clothespin Dolls

If you’re just getting started with clothespin dolls, stop by Going Sew Crazy for a wonderful tutorial on making these charming toys.


Once you’ve gotten a few under your belt, you may want to accessorize with a pony! Se7en shares how she and her kids made ponies at a recent party. They’re very clever and look like so much fun to create!

Now share the fun and make a clothespin doll kit for one lucky little person like Mama Urchin did.


Quilted Doll Basket Tutorial


Geta (Geta’s Quilting Studio) is an amaaazing quilter. Totally wowza. Can you see the details in the background of this photo? That’s an example of the crazy detailing she’s able to create in her quilts. She also makes these adorable doll baskets and posted a detailed tutorial on how she does it. You can check it out here. Lots of pictures!

a “darling” doll bed


This crate doll bed is an excellent reminder to try and use what we have before running out to the store. Two Straight Lines used an old box of Clementine oranges, a burp cloth, a pin cushion, and a washcloth to create a very agreeable sleeping arrangement for her son’s new friend. Goodnight little bear!

P.S. She also shares a link for a free pattern to make the bear, so be sure to click over!

P.P.S. Bonus points to anyone who (A) caught my pun in the first sentence and (B) was able to read it without groaning. :)