Matchbox Dollhouse and More


colouredbuttonsdollbed Trixi, from Coloured Buttons, has been coming up with some really amazing kid toys using matchboxes as her foundation. This doll house is incredible with all of its tiny details, plus she’s added a bit of ribbon going through the roof making it highly portable (and fun to wear)!


She didn’t stop with this dollhouse. In fact, she challenged herself to complete weekly matchbox crafts for a month! This tiny rock theatre is another one of her creations:


Her other matchbox projects include a board game and matchbox bugs! I hope you’ll check out all of her matchbox crafts. You will surely come away inspired!

Free Knitted Doll Pattern


Ack! These dolls are soooo cute! I spent my down time during my fabulous weekend off working on one simple baby bib (this one), so I don’ think I’m quite ready for a knitted doll yet, but I’m bookmarking this pattern from Yarnigans for when I am. You can see it here! (Note: This pattern requires a Ravelry account).

Pirate Doll Giveaway at Fröken Skicklig


I’m off to the beach to soak it up visit relatives for a few days, but wanted to tell you about this wonderful giveaway first:

Fröken Skicklig is a one-woman company located in Berlin who creates the most beautiful handmade dolls. Seriously. Go look…they’re gorgeous. She’s currently offering a giveaway on her blog for the little pirate fellow above. And, get this: To enter, you have write a message in a bottle with your kids and send it off somewhere. I love it!

I really like this guy, so we may have to find a good bottle while we’re visiting the ocean. Although, I confess I’m a little apprehensive about tossing a plastic bottle into the ocean. I’d probably get cited for littering, or end up injuring some poor sea animal. Perhaps we’ll just leave it someplace where someone will surely find it and subsequently dispose of the bottle. Either way, the prospect of sending a note to an unknown person, along with an opportunity to win the Pirate, is very appealing. :)

Be sure to check out Fröken Skicklig if you’re interested in joining me. Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back Tuesday!

Bedtime Babies Tutorial


Out of the Crayon Box created these sweet little baby boys for the Craft Hope project and is sharing the pattern and a tutorial with her readers. I love her idea of sponging on the hair! Go on over for a link to her tutorial, and if you haven’t heard of this project yet, please click here to read more.