DIY Marble Roll Game from a Shoe Box

We’ve had the rainiest summer down here in Florida than any I can remember in recent history, and, while I am thankful for the water, it has surely spoiled many plans for parks and pools and general outdoor fun.  We’ve been relying on our fully stocked game closet to help keep us occupied, but as [...]


Homemade Bottle Cap Game

This super-fun homemade toy from Julie K in Taiwan is a fabulous way to let your little ones practice screwing the tops on and off of bottles without losing the caps. Perfect for car rides! Check it out here!

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Easy Counting Game

  Here’s a simple way to help your kiddos practice their counting skills (with a little fine motor thrown in for good measure)! It’s a cinch to make and you probably already have everything you need! Check out Naptime Journal for the details!


More Crafty 4th of July Ideas

All-American Tutu from Joy’s Hope: Edible rockets and sparklers from This Little Project: 4th of July bean bag toss from Chica and Jo: Edible star cupcake toppers from Inchmark: Festive red, white, and blue soap from Make It Soap: (via Craft Gossip) Star ice cream sandwiches from No Fuss Fabulous: 4th of July printables from [...]


DIY I Spy Book

Brassy Apple made this I Spy Book as part of her self-hosted “creativity for the car” summer craft challenge. It’s such a simple idea, but one that the kids will love!  You can see how she made it, plus check out what others have made for the car, right here!


Matchbox Dollhouse and More

  Trixi, from Coloured Buttons, has been coming up with some really amazing kid toys using matchboxes as her foundation. This doll house is incredible with all of its tiny details, plus she’s added a bit of ribbon going through the roof making it highly portable (and fun to wear)! She didn’t stop with this [...]


Homemade “Five Stones” Game

  Ikat Bag shares a game that’s easy to make and fun to play. Reading her description had me feeling a bit nostalgic for the schoolyard pastimes that I rememember: hopscotch and jumping rope! You can read about how to make and play the game “Five Stones” here!

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Homemade Personalized Checkers Set

The Thrifty Chick came up with a clever remake of the classic game of Checkers. Here she shows how you can easily make over an existing Checkers set to make your own set with family photos!

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Lunch Puzzles

Why not let your kids play with their food? This Little Project shares an easy way to turn sandwiches into puzzles! Go read about it here.


Homemade Color Game for Toddlers

Here’s a fun game to play with toddlers who are learning their colors! You can find details about the game’s easy set-up, as well variations for older or younger children at Z Recommends.