Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

Seriously, does it get any better? I have an ongoing list of baking recipes that I’ve been making with my girls. I’m not sure if we’ll be making these, but they look so yummy I had to share. Go see Gotta Little Space for the recipe!


Homemade Sugar Cookies Recipe

I drool over pretty much everything that Joy the Baker makes, but these sugar cookies look totally do-able! I think I may even have all of the ingredients on hand. Yes…I will definitely be making these in the coming weeks. Find the recipe here!

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Peachaberry Pie Recipe

I love that Jenny makes it a point to create a homemade dessert for her family every week. Most recently she made this delicious-looking pie from fresh peaches and berries! Are you salivating yet? Check out Through Jenny’s Lens for the recipe! Love the special touch of the cut-out hearts!


Gelato Playdough Recipe

This play dough looks so inviting, doesn’t it? I love the soft colors! Click on over to LMNOP for the recipe!


Fruit Filled Oatmeal Bars

This looks like a delicious snack that I know my girls would love! They eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning…by request. Erin Compton Design shares the simple recipe at her blog!

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Homemade Granola Bars Recipe

This chewy goodness comes to us from Frugal Family Fun Blog. The granola bars look delicious and they’re certainly much healthier than many store-bought snacks. Check out the recipe here!

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Ice Cream Cake Batter

Chocolate ice cream +  chocolate cake mix = moist and delicious chocolatey goodness! Check out Omnomicon to read more about this super-easy cake recipe!


Lemon Butter Cookies Recipe

These lemon butter cookies from Sweet Life in the Valley evoke the simple and savory-sweet goodness that I love to share with my kidlets. Click for the recipe!


Watermelon Jigglers!

Watermelon is delicious in its own right, but Gourmet Mom on the Go has added an element of fun to this summer-time treat by adding Jello! Aren’t these “watermelon slices” dead-ringers for the real thing! Take a look here for the recipe and how-to!


Whipped Cream with Peaches Cupcake Topping

This whipped cream cupcake topping looks so stinkin’ delish I can hardly stand it! Go ahead and whip up some cuppies for the kiddos and try this topping from the Cupcake Project as an alternative to the heavier stuff.

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