Peanut Butter Shamrock Blossom Cookies

 peanut butter shamrock blossom cookies

It’s no wonder that Peanut Butter Blossom cookies are the favorite cookie of so many. Peanut butter and chocolate are old friends that go together perfectly.  We decided to bring a St. Patrick’s Day twist to this delicious cookie by swapping the traditional Hershy’s Kiss with a shamrock-shaped chocolate and using green sugar on the outside of the cookie.

These cookies are so easy to make, and the St. Patty’s Day elements only added a couple of extra steps.  I used my shamrock chocolate candy mold to make the shamrock “blossom” centers, and I used dyed sugar to roll the dough in before baking.

How to Dye Sugar

Have you ever dyed your sugar?  Its pretty darn simple.  Get your sugar, add a couple of drops of food coloring, and stir it (or shake it if you’re combining in a baggy).  Keep adding additional dye or sugar until you get to your desired color.


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