DIY Marble Roll Game from a Shoe Box

We’ve had the rainiest summer down here in Florida than any I can remember in recent history, and, while I am thankful for the water, it has surely spoiled many plans for parks and pools and general outdoor fun.  We’ve been relying on our fully stocked game closet to help keep us occupied, but as [...]


Bottle Cap Stamps

Here’s a fun and easy way to add custom stamps to your child’s art supplies! Go check out Mel’s Own Place for a tutorial on making these stamps using bottle caps!

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Milk Carton Dump Truck

Love this toy dump truck made from recyclables! See Origami Mommy for the details!


Homemade Bottle Cap Game

This super-fun homemade toy from Julie K in Taiwan is a fabulous way to let your little ones practice screwing the tops on and off of bottles without losing the caps. Perfect for car rides! Check it out here!

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Repurposed Baby Pants to Underwear

Here’s a clever way to gain some more miles from those baby britches you’ve been hanging on to. Blueprints shows how to turn them into underwear for your preschooler! They also make great underwear cover-ups for little girls in skirts and dresses. Click here for the tutorial!


Festive 4th of July Toddler Outfit

Lil Blue Boo shares how she repurposed an adult-sized t-shirt to make this adorable outfit for her daughter! I love how she made use of the shirt’s image as appliqué for the tank and skirt. Such a fabulous redo, I just love it! You can find the how-to here!

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Repurposed Placemat to Bib: Tutorial

Shannon, from luvinthemommyhood has posted a tutorial for making bibs out of placemats! I love this idea. Placemats are designed to be durable, plus you can find some really gorgeous prints nowadays! Even if you don’t have little ones, bibs are always a practical gift for new moms! You can find the tutorial at Nouvelle [...]


Baby Bloomers Pattern and Tutorial

Just Tutorials shares a free pattern and tutorial for making your own baby or toddler bloomers. I love that you can just use and old t-shirt to make these! So cute! Find the info here! (via Craft Gossip)


Wired Button-Letters: Tutorial

Sister Diane has created a wonderful tutorial for making these button-letters. Kids love seeing the letters in their name and there are probably loads of ways you could use these. I could see one of these hanging from a child’s backpack as an accessory, or perhaps you could make a monogram to hang over your [...]

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Pasta Finger Puppets

These finger puppets from Scribbit are too funny! They’re made from pasta and various crafting materials and they’re totally adorable! Don’t they look like a ton of fun?! Go see more here!