As much as I enjoy sewing, I find knitting to be far more convenient. I can pull out my needles anytime I have a few spare minutes and with knitting I don’t have to worry about taking over my dining room table every time I want to make something. Here are a few knitting projects [...]


Paper Airplane Crafts for Parties and Decor

For Parties Paper Airplane Invitation from Invite and Delight   Paper Airplane garland from It’s Two AM   Paper Airplane cake bunting from Armelle   Catapult Paper Airplane from Mini Eco (great fun for an airplane party!)   For the Home Paper Airplane Embroidery from Little Lovelies   Paper Airplane Mobile from Lauren Clark   [...]


Paper Airplane Shadowbox

A favorite pastime this summer for my girls and I was making paper airplanes! We had so much fun, especially on those days that were rainy, or just too hot to venture out. One of the things that struck me the most with the airplanes was the vast variety of shapes they presented, and the [...]


KCWC at Elsie Marlie

If you sew and have kids you will definitely want to join in on this big sewing party! Meg (Elsie Marley) hosts the Kids Clothes Week Challenge twice each year, Spring and Fall, and it’s basically 7 days of frenzied sewing. It’s always fun to join in with other sewists on the same mission and [...]


20 Creative Uses for Pumpkin-Shaped Cookie Cutters

Head over to The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle to see what you can make with a simple pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter! I love all the variations that people came up with…so much more than a simple pumpkin cookie! (click her to see them all!)


Crafting Into Autumn with The Artful Parent

We woke up this morning to welcome coolness in the air. I love the feeling of Fall coming into season. It brings such an excitement of the festivities to come! We don’t experience Fall in the same way that most others do, being in Florida and all, but we do our best to share as [...]


How to Make a Felt Bat Bow

you need: template paper thread felt   : Cut pattern pieces from felt, and cut a 1/4” by 1 1/4” strip of felt :   : make a bow with the top piece, position the “ears” on the edge :   : position wings behind bow and use a needle and thread to tack into [...]


15 Simple Kid Knits for New Knitters

One of the best things that fall brings with it is knitting. I tend to sew a lot, but it was so exciting to break open my knitting bag and get my needles going on some new projects! Are you new to knitting or looking for some quick knits for your kiddos (or upcoming babies)? [...]

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My Favorite Go To Patterns

Digital download sewing patterns are one of my absolute favorite things in the world! Now, first let me start off by saying I love Etsy for so many reasons, and I shop there often. But for sewing patterns, shops that offer instant downloads are the way to go, my friends! Not only to they allow [...]

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35 DIY Halloween Hoodie Costumes

Its amazing what one can make with a simple hoodie!  I’ve rounded up some awesome tutorials, ideas, and insparation for Halloween costumes made from hoodies and sweatsuits… Animal Hoodie Costumes   Monkey hoodie costume tutorial from Craft     Lion hoodie costume instructions from National Geographic Kids   Goldfish hoodie costume tutorial from How to [...]