Handmade Shopping List

*Just a note…I hope to have the “Handmade Shopping List” be a regular feature here. Do you sell something for kids that you think should be included? Fill out the submissions form or shoot me an email!


Some things deserve a big “Seriously?” sign on top of them. This insanely cute cupcake hat is available at Artology’s Etsy shop. (via All Things Cupcake)


You have to check out this nursery rhyme coloring book by Flipflops and Applesauce. Very cute and *very* affordable.

alittlehutalphabetcards alittlehutalphab2

I absolutely love the simple design of A Little Hut’s alphabet cards. They frame beautifully and, because you can print the PDF as often as you like, you can let the kiddos color all over them! Click


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