Velveteen Jumper and Printed Jammies (KCWC Days 3 & 4)

I was working like a  madwoman yesterday and wasn’t able to update on my progress, but I’m back today with two completed projects!

The first is a romper made from a soft velveteen with the daintiest little floral print that gives it such a sweet feminine touch, which I love.

It’s  a pretty no-frills little number but I think a sweet top with a peter pan collar would be a great addition to it.  The pictures here are prior to top-stitching and zipper installation, which I finished up today. I couldn’t be bothered to take new pictures of it today because I had already moved on to these jammies!

This is a completely handprinted set made of a repurposed long white t-shirt for the pants, and a freezer paper stenciled black (store-bought) shirt for the top.

The handiest way I have found to do hand-stamping is to cut some adhesive foam sheets into whatever shape you need and attach a couple layers of the the foam shape onto an empty spool! Very convenient. I really loved this kitty dress on Pinterest, and had been wanting to try the sleeves-into-shirt thing, so the kitty jammies were born.

By the way, I could not get the Panther Stamps Pants song by Gustafer Yellowgold out of my head the whole time I was making these!

And the pants fit…mostly.  🙂

I’ve been working at my dining room table, and, aside from the fact that my family is tired of eating at our kids’ IKEA table, I’m a little burnt out and think I’m going to take a sewing break for a couple days. I still have a couple items on my list for KCWC, but they’ll have to wait ’til the weekend.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a list of some of my favorite recent posts from around the way!


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