Bias-Trimmed Skirt (KCWC Day2)

I managed to finish up the skirt I started yesterday! I cut some strips from a dainty floral print I’ve been wanting to use and turned them into bias tape for the edges. I’ve been sewing my skirts selvage to selvage and I just don’t think it’s cutting it anymore for me. I need more fullness!


I think this skirt could sort of be considered a cross between House on Hill Road’s Twirly Skirt and Oliver and S’s Lazy Day Skirt….both of which are great skirt tutorials. Plus I added some pockets to keep the girlies happy. Pockets on an outfit are like gold to them. 🙂

Another note for a potential future version of this skirt is to make the pockets bigger. Unfortunately I had only picked up a half-yard of the main skirt fabric, and I just didn’t have enough for anything bigger, but I think it would help keep the proportions right (plus better for collecting things).

Up next is a velveteen dress from my favorite Japanese pattern book. I’m still working on cutting out the pattern pieces, so hopefully I’ll finish the sewing tomorrow!

Do you sew for girls (or boys for that matter!)? What are your favorite patterns?


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