Sack Lunch Field Trip Stickers (Part 1)

I’m popping in quickly with the first installment of a little free printable I’ve been working on.  It’s taking a little longer than planned as I’ve been preoccupied with birthdays and fundraiser obligations.  Do you find yourself unable to say “no” even though you really don’t have the time?! My 6 year old went on [...]

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Teach Your Child to Tie Shoelaces

I’ve been feeling a bit like a slacker mom since hearing my 6 year old tell me that her friends have been tying her shoelaces at school. We attempted some practice before the school year started, but it just wasn’t clicking for her. A quick search on teaching children to tie their laces brought me [...]


DIY Homework Station

It’s only a few weeks into the new school year and I’m already overwhelmed by my first grader’s homework assignments, worksheets, and important school papers! Isn’t this Homework Station from Beja at Howdy-Honey awesome? I think something like this could definitely help us keep our schoolwork organized. Check out the details of how she made [...]

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15 Simple Kid Knits for New Knitters

One of the best things that fall brings with it is knitting. I tend to sew a lot, but it was so exciting to break open my knitting bag and get my needles going on some new projects! Are you new to knitting or looking for some quick knits for your kiddos (or upcoming babies)? [...]

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DIY Masking Tape Roadway

I love all of the details in this homemade roadway!  All of it, including the cityscape in the background, was made from colorful masking tape (painter’s tape, washi tape…whatever you choose to call it). I think this idea could work equally well for those without a dedicated play space if you used a rug that [...]


35 DIY Halloween Hoodie Costumes

Its amazing what one can make with a simple hoodie!  I’ve rounded up some awesome tutorials, ideas, and insparation for Halloween costumes made from hoodies and sweatsuits… Animal Hoodie Costumes   Monkey hoodie costume tutorial from Craft     Lion hoodie costume instructions from National Geographic Kids   Goldfish hoodie costume tutorial from How to [...]


6 DIY Cardboard Crafts for Kids You will Love

On the heels of yesterday’s upcycled shoebox, I thought it would be fun to share some cardboard inspiration from around the way! I love this cardboard castle from Mer Mag. Duct tape gives it a colorful boost and adds a little durability to boot! My daughters would live this cardboard play house from She Knows [...]


DIY Marble Roll Game from a Shoe Box

We’ve had the rainiest summer down here in Florida than any I can remember in recent history, and, while I am thankful for the water, it has surely spoiled many plans for parks and pools and general outdoor fun.  We’ve been relying on our fully stocked game closet to help keep us occupied, but as [...]


Dress-Up Tutorials for Labor Day

I usually only think of Labor Day as one of the bookends of summer. It’s not a day that garners as much attention as more popular holidays, but there is still fun to be had aside from barbeques and final trips to the beach! Try using the day as a chance to celebrate different occupations!  [...]

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Make Your Own Lunch Bag

I have yet to find a good store-bought lunch box that will take my kids through an entire school year. Maybe one of these would do the trick? Lunch Bag Sewing Patterns and Tutorials This bag is from Ellen Lucket Baker’s (of The Long Thread) book 1, 2, 3 Sew, and I absolutely love it [...]