Bunny Ears and Nose Kids Craft

se a paper plate and egg carton to make bunny ears and nose 

My kids always get excited about dressing up, especially when it involves cute animals. With Easter coming up we thought it would be fun to make a simple Bunny craft using items from around the house.

What you Need to Make the Bunny Ears and Nose Kids Craft

  •  egg carton
  • paper plate
  • pink construction paper or card stock
  • pink and/or black paint for bunny nose
  • tape
  • glue
  • elastic string (we used some elastic jewelry thread from one of the kids’ beading sets)
  • plain white paper or card stock for whiskers (not shown)


Use a paper plate and egg carton to make bunny ears and nose

How to Make Paper Plate Bunny Ears and Egg Carton Bunny Nose

  1. Gather your supplies and follow the cutting guide from photo 1 above: Cut egg carton to make a small nose. Fold paper plate in half and cut section out for ears.  Cut smaller ear-shapes from pink paper.
  2. Fold ears flaps on paper plate up. Glue pink paper onto paper plate ears. Tape paper plate together to fit the size of your child’s head.
  3. Paint the egg carton noses the color of your choice.
  4. Use sharp point (I used the point of my scissors) to cut small holes on the sides of the noses.  Thread the elastic through the holes and tie the ends so that they don’t come out.  Tape white paper strips on the inside of the nose and fold outward for whiskers (see photo 4 above).

This craft is easy enough for most kids to do on their own with a little help from a grown-up (i.e. tying the elastic).

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Sack Lunch Field Trip Stickers (Part 1)

Sack Lunch Field Trip Stickers from One Crafty Place

I’m popping in quickly with the first installment of a little free printable I’ve been working on.  It’s taking a little longer than planned as I’ve been preoccupied with birthdays and fundraiser obligations.  Do you find yourself unable to say “no” even though you really don’t have the time?!

My 6 year old went on her first full-fledged field trip a few weeks ago! They visited the aquarium and were instructed to bring a clearly labeled, brown-bag lunch with disposable utensils and napkins and such. I was truly excited for her to go on this field trip and thought it would be fun to dress up the brown bag a bit.

I ended up with a cute, albeit poorly drawn, fish blowing bubbles into her name.  And while I was struggling with my well-intentioned fish, I thought about how easy- and fun- it would be to just slap a sticker on the bag and carry on with the field trip excitement. Of course, the sticker would still have to be appropriately themed.

So, here you have the first two sticker labels of four that I have conceived.  These first two are a Crab and T-Rex  for aquarium and science museum field trips. What I love about these labels is that they are big enough to wrap over the top of the brown bag and seal where the fold goes (to help keep all those lunch goodies inside!). And there’s a little clear area at the bottom for an extra message, or a teacher’s name, or any other info you might want to add!

Here is the Free* Printable PDF file.

You should be able to just put some printable sticker paper into your printer and print as usual, but please let me know if you have any problems!

*Please enjoy these for yourselves, but do not sell them.

Teach Your Child to Tie Shoelaces

I’ve been feeling a bit like a slacker mom since hearing my 6 year old tell me that her friends have been tying her shoelaces at school. We attempted some practice before the school year started, but it just wasn’t clicking for her. A quick search on teaching children to tie their laces brought me to two excellent resources: this shoe-tying practice board from Salsa Pie (via PBS Parents), and some great tips from Teach Mama.

I loved the ease of flat cardboard to practice on, and I knew that having different colored laces would really help my kids to see which lace they were working with. I also wanted to find a simple verse to help them remember what to do next.

There are quite a few here, and the one that I chose was short and not overly complicated (each line of the verse is a new step). But, even though it’s short and simple, I knew the chances of me remembering it while I was trying to teach them were pretty slim, so I went ahead and wrote the verse right on the box next to the “shoes”!  And, since one lace had plenty of length for lacing and tying, I simply colored half of the lace with a black Sharpie.

My 6 year old was clearly ready this time.  We sat side by side, and I showed her step-by-step how to follow the verse to remember each step and SHE GOT IT!  I couldn’t believe how quickly she picked up on it this time!

My 4 year old (who turns 5 next week!) had a little bit of a harder time with “putting the arrow through the bow,” but she’s a tenacious little girl and I have no doubt she’ll get it down within a few days of practicing. :)

All of the elements of this shoe-tying board were important to make the activity as successful as it could be: e.g. having two shoes together so I could demonstrate along side my child, including the verse on the board so that my kids (and I) could refer to it if we forgot what comes next, and having two-toned laces to help differentiate which lace we’re working on during each step. Also, I found flip-flops to be much easier to trace than sneakers since they’re completely flat.

If you’re looking for some help teaching your child to tie his or her laces, I hope these tips and trick help you as much as they did me!

Have you already taught your children to tie their laces? What worked for you?


DIY Homework Station

It’s only a few weeks into the new school year and I’m already overwhelmed by my first grader’s homework assignments, worksheets, and important school papers! Isn’t this Homework Station from Beja at Howdy-Honey awesome? I think something like this could definitely help us keep our schoolwork organized. Check out the details of how she made hers here!

15 Simple Kid Knits for New Knitters


One of the best things that fall brings with it is knitting. I tend to sew a lot, but it was so exciting to break open my knitting bag and get my needles going on some new projects!

Are you new to knitting or looking for some quick knits for your kiddos (or upcoming babies)?

Check out these links for knitting patterns that are simple enough for beginners, but equally useful for the seasoned knitter:

knitting for kids

knitted headband pattern with pom pom from Rust and Sunshine:headband rust and sunshine

slippers in any size from Beatrice Cavicchioli slippers by beatrrice cavicchioli


any size beginner hat recipe from The Sheep Shop

beginner hat from sheep shop cambridgeThis hat is knitted flat, so it’s perfect for those who aren’t quite ready for knitting in the round!


3 and a half knitted bows from Cornflower Blue Studio:3.5 bows cornflower blue studio

These are so useful! Boys can wear them as bowties, or pair them with the above headband for girls!

knitted treasure bag from Inner Child Crochet

 I love this little bag for keeping tiny treasures that my kids have collected!

knitted doughnuts from I Like Lemons knitted doughnuts i like lemons

In her post she offers her variation, plus a link to the original pattern. The pattern uses an M1 stitch, which might be new for beginners. For a great demonstration of this stitch, see this video.

Child’s play crown from This Cosy Life:thiscosylifeknittedcrown

I made one of these crowns for each of my girls a couple years ago and they still wear them for dress-up! Also, be sure to check out her pattern shop…it’s full of wonderful things to knit!



ninja toy from Vickie Howell at Craftsy:purple stitch ninja craftsy

*this one is free from Craftsy (part of the Purple Stitch Project), however you will need to sign up for a Craftsy account to access it



knitting for babies

Simple baby bib pattern:  knitted bib lsmorin

(image is from ellemme, pattern found here)


Knitted baby bonnet from Knit and Bake:  baby bonnet knit and bake

easy baby booties knitting pattern


these are wonderfully easy to knit and have so many variations to play with!



preemie baby hat from Ewe Ewe

preemie baby hat pattern ewe ewe

Striped baby hat from A La Sascha:           simple striped baby hat ala sascha English translation and link to PDF found at the bottom of her post


Baby frog legs (legwarmers) pattern from Lauren Dahl: babyfroglegs laurendahl


bias baby blanket from JCasa

bias blanket jcasa

  this blanket is knit in 3 colors and is so beautiful in its simplicity

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