Bottle Cap Stamps


Here’s a fun and easy way to add custom stamps to your child’s art supplies! Go check out Mel’s Own Place for a tutorial on making these stamps using bottle caps!

DIY Wooden Name Blocks


I love this set of personalized name blocks from Melissa at Chasing Cheerios!. These would make a great gift for any child, especially those just learning to spell their name. What a fun way to practice putting the letters in the right order! Older kids could take it a step further by rearranging the letters to see how many words they can spell using the letters in their name, and the younger ones could simply enjoy stacking and playing with the colorful blocks! Go to Chasing Cheerios for the how-to!

Birthday Counting Cards


I’m loving this idea that Chez Beeper Bebe came up with for her 6 year-old’s birthday. Each card has a number and with it comes a gift in that number (e.g. 4 quarters for the number “4”). What a great way to make birthday gift-giving even more fun! Click here to read about the rest of the gifts and to download the template!

Toddler Name Game


My two-year-old has been obsessed with learning how to spell her name for a while now. But, with 9 letters in all, she has quite a task in front of her. I think this fun game from Instructables user might be just what we need to help make it stick. Check it out here.

Monogrammed Napkins


I know many people have fond memories of napkin notes slipped into their lunches by a loving Mom or Dad. Magpie Musing shows that you can still create special lunch-time memories without going through tons of paper napkins every day. Click here for the details of her monogrammed napkins.  (via parent hacks)