Bottle Cap Stamps

Here’s a fun and easy way to add custom stamps to your child’s art supplies! Go check out Mel’s Own Place for a tutorial on making these stamps using bottle caps!

DIY Wooden Name Blocks

I love this set of personalized name blocks from Melissa at Chasing Cheerios!. These would make a great gift for any child, especially those just learning to spell their name. What a fun way to practice putting the letters in...

Birthday Counting Cards

I’m loving this idea that Chez Beeper Bebe came up with for her 6 year-old’s birthday. Each card has a number and with it comes a gift in that number (e.g. 4 quarters for the number “4”). What a great...

Toddler Name Game

My two-year-old has been obsessed with learning how to spell her name for a while now. But, with 9 letters in all, she has quite a task in front of her. I think this fun game from Instructables user

Monogrammed Napkins

I know many people have fond memories of napkin notes slipped into their lunches by a loving Mom or Dad. Magpie Musing shows that you can still create special lunch-time memories without going through tons of paper napkins every day....