Elephant Plushie Pattern

Dive into your fabric stash and pull out up to 6 different pieces for all of this little elephant’s parts. He’s such a cutie, isn’t he? You can find the free pattern at Cicada Daydream (sans instructions, but the savvy sewer can probably pull it together with few problems). (via CraftGossip)


Amigurumi: Free* Patterns and Tutorials

Patterns Little geisha girl from Le Fee Crochet (from the author of Crobots). Just replace her dress details and hair ties with metallic ribbon and you’ve got the little geisha bot from the book! Sleepy Sarah from Owlishly Chubby Fish from My Gurumi Amigurumi Doll from Stitch Pear pattern from Amigurumi Girl Banana from Amigurumi [...]


Free Softie Tutorial

Whosies shares a tutorial for making these fun friends to take along on upcoming summer trips! Click here for the free pattern and tutorial and get crackin’!


Owl Pillow Pattern

This big-eyed owl pillow comes from Flower Girl Designs who is generously offering the pattern for free (personal use only). Check out her many other patterns here and scroll to the bottom for the owl.!


Crinkly Baby Toy Tutorial

It’s easier than you might think to add a fun crinkly sound to your softies…learn how from this tutorial at Craftystylish!


Baseball Stitch Tutorial

If you’re ever at a loss for how to stitch shut that hole used for stuffing your softie, then check out this picture tutorial from Stardust Shoes. I love the results and can easily see how it got it’s name.


Chickummyjig Pattern

If this little guy doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will! Check out Myrtle & Eunice for the free pattern!

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Germ Softies

I remember hearing the term, “teachable moments” in some early childhood classes I took years ago. Yep…that’s what this is. Exactly. Click here to see how Mountain Pulse made learning about germs relevant, fun, and memorable for her 4 year old daughter. Wonderful idea to keep in your back pocket for when you have a [...]

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Bring Forth The Bunnies

I’ve got this bunny collection. And it’s big. And I anticipate it continuing to grow through Easter. So…I’d like to know the best way for me to share it with you. Would you prefer spurts of small round-ups once or twice per week? A bunny each day? One big list right off the bat? What [...]


Knitted Bear Pattern

Another knit to add to my list. Rachel at The Yarnigans Blog shares the pattern to make this cuddly bear. (via luvinthemommyhood)

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