How to Make Polymer Clay Ornaments

In my search for ideas for teacher gifts from the kids this year, I came across these beautiful tutorials from Lisa Storms and Little Lovelies using stamped polymer clay. The kids and I had a chance to make our own last weekend, but the stamp I picked up, which had an image of a sprig of pine needles, wasn’t coming through very well.

Before throwing my hands up, resourcefulness got the best of me and I snipped a sprig from the branches we cut off the bottom of our Christmas tree. Here’s how we made our version without a stamp:

If you have some good letter stamps you could easily personalize these with family names.

I hope everyone is enjoying the busy-ness that comes with preparing for the holidays!  I am loving seeing all of the special touches folks are adding to their homes and gift-giving and my heart just absolutely fills up when I see the excitement in the kids.

Love. Love. Love this time of year!


Perfect Knitted Spring Top


I’m in love with this knitted top from Soulful Hues Hobbies & Random Thoughts. Aside from the actual knitting, there are few steps involved in the finished piece. Perfect! Click here for the free pattern. (via JCHandmade)


St. Patty’s Day Round-Up

Here are a few ways to have some fun with the kiddos this St. Patrick’s Day:

Make a delicious “pot-o-gold” snack (Her Cup Overfloweth)

Put together some rainbow ornaments using colorful beads and gold sequins (Everything Except the Grill)

These shamrock tees are adorable! (She Knows)

Hang a rainbow in a doorway (Ramblings of a Crazy Woman)

Recreate this “Lucky Gold Hunt” counting game for your own little leprechaun (No Time for Flashcards)
NotimeforflashcardsSPDgame2 notimeforflashcardsSPDgame1

Here are two takes on turning a terra-cotta pot into a pot of gold!

From Craftster

and Make and Takes

Happy crafting!

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Name Slate


You can find a ton of fabulous ideas for young writers at The Write Start, including how to make a name slate for your child to practice writing his or her name! Check it out here!


Make Your Own Egg Carton Game


A Foothill Home Companion recently made up a game with her kids using a large egg carton and some scrapbooking dots. The game looks like a fun challenge for preschoolers  and young children and is very simple to put together on the fly. Click here for the details!

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Collage-In-A-Box Gift Idea


This is such an awesome idea from The Toby Show. She took an inexpensive tackle box, added a variety of craft supplies to it…and viola! The perfect gift for a budding young artist! Click here for more details!


Repurposed Sweater to Mouse Puppet


If you’ve got any sweaters that are on their last leg and you want to get some more use out them, just toss ‘em in the wash and felt them up…then make some cuts and you have a mouse puppet! Amber Dusick has a tutorial showing how she made one herself. Here.


Make Your Own Puppet Theater


Isn’t this puppet theater from Sister Diane (CraftyPod) awesome! It’s made from a cardboard box with some special touches like a pulley system for the curtains and a sheer back curtain to keep the puppeteer hidden. It’s such a clever project, you must check it out!


Homemade Hula Hoop Video

Check out this video of Jennifer Ackernam-Haywood demonstrating how to make a hula hoop on a local news program. Soooo cool! You can read more on Craftsanity!


How to Make a Sock Snake


Have some unused socks laying around? Check out How To Do Something for instructions on making this very cool snake softie out of socks! Click