How to Make Polymer Clay Ornaments

In my search for ideas for teacher gifts from the kids this year, I came across these beautiful tutorials from Lisa Storms and Little Lovelies using stamped polymer clay. The kids and I had a chance to make our own last weekend, but the stamp I picked up, which had an image of a sprig of pine needles, wasn’t coming through very well.

Before throwing my hands up, resourcefulness got the best of me and I snipped a sprig from the branches we cut off the bottom of our Christmas tree. Here’s how we made our version without a stamp:

If you have some good letter stamps you could easily personalize these with family names.

I hope everyone is enjoying the busy-ness that comes with preparing for the holidays!  I am loving seeing all of the special touches folks are adding to their homes and gift-giving and my heart just absolutely fills up when I see the excitement in the kids.

Love. Love. Love this time of year!

St. Patty’s Day Round-Up

Here are a few ways to have some fun with the kiddos this St. Patrick’s Day:

Make a delicious “pot-o-gold” snack (Her Cup Overfloweth)

Put together some rainbow ornaments using colorful beads and gold sequins (Everything Except the Grill)

These shamrock tees are adorable! (She Knows)

Hang a rainbow in a doorway (Ramblings of a Crazy Woman)

Recreate this “Lucky Gold Hunt” counting game for your own little leprechaun (No Time for Flashcards)
NotimeforflashcardsSPDgame2 notimeforflashcardsSPDgame1

Here are two takes on turning a terra-cotta pot into a pot of gold!

From Craftster

and Make and Takes

Happy crafting!

Name Slate


You can find a ton of fabulous ideas for young writers at The Write Start, including how to make a name slate for your child to practice writing his or her name! Check it out here!

Make Your Own Egg Carton Game


A Foothill Home Companion recently made up a game with her kids using a large egg carton and some scrapbooking dots. The game looks like a fun challenge for preschoolers  and young children and is very simple to put together on the fly. Click here for the details!