DIY Memory Game Roundup

I’ve been seeing a TON of memory/matching games popping up all over the blogosphere. The great thing about these games is how customizable they are. I grabbed the ones from my bookmarks and searched for a few more to bring you these:

Bottle caps memory game from  Crafty Beats


Juice cap memory game from Row of Ducks


Paper and woodchip memory game from Creative Chicks at Play

via Crafty Crow

Sounds memory game from Zrecommends


Shells memory game from The Write Start


Family and friends memory game from Chasing Cheerios


Quick and easy (and low cost!) memory game from Croqzine

Fabric memory game from Inchmark

Via Crafty Crow

Art cards memory game from A Bit of This and a Bit of That


Printed fabric memory game made by Under Construction (originally from the Stitched In Time book in left sidebar)

also seen at  Sew Liberated from Meg who posted some great tips on playing the game with little ones.

Plus, Jennifer Ackerman Haywood, of CraftSanity, showed hers off on a local news show and talks about how to make it in this video

A few other ideas include using images from a favorite picture book (simply make a high quality copy of the original to make a pair) or make a game using fine art cards.


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    Wow, so many great ideas for memory games. I LOVED memory when I was a kid… actually, I still might like it just a little bit. It feels good to challenge your mind like that.

    Thanks for including mine!

  2. 3


    aww,those are lovely!
    we have a tile memory game, the sort of little shiny tiles to decorate your bathroom, they have one sticky side anyway,so it was really easy to make. i might post a tutorial, actually , thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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