Crafting Into Autumn with The Artful Parent

We woke up this morning to welcome coolness in the air. I love the feeling of Fall coming into season. It brings such an excitement of the festivities to come!

We don’t experience Fall in the same way that most others do, being in Florida and all, but we do our best to share as many of the delights of the season as we can with our girls through food, decor, and crafts!

This year I am very excited to make our way through the days of Autumn with Jean Van’t Hul’s new E-Book, “The Artful Year: Autumn.”  I downloaded my copy a few days ago, and it is absolutely beautiful! The book includes directions for Fall-themed crafting and decorating, recipes, recommended books, and a ideas of special ways to enjoy the season with your family!

Here are just a few things from the book that we’re looking forward to: yarn spiderwebs, pumpkin waffles, thankful stones, leaf printing, and the many variations of making our own colorful Fall leaves!

You can download a copy of the ebook here.

What are your favorite Fall crafts?


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