Bunny Ears and Nose Kids Craft

se a paper plate and egg carton to make bunny ears and nose 

My kids always get excited about dressing up, especially when it involves cute animals. With Easter coming up we thought it would be fun to make a simple Bunny craft using items from around the house.

What you Need to Make the Bunny Ears and Nose Kids Craft

  •  egg carton
  • paper plate
  • pink construction paper or card stock
  • pink and/or black paint for bunny nose
  • tape
  • glue
  • elastic string (we used some elastic jewelry thread from one of the kids’ beading sets)
  • plain white paper or card stock for whiskers (not shown)


Use a paper plate and egg carton to make bunny ears and nose

How to Make Paper Plate Bunny Ears and Egg Carton Bunny Nose

  1. Gather your supplies and follow the cutting guide from photo 1 above: Cut egg carton to make a small nose. Fold paper plate in half and cut section out for ears.  Cut smaller ear-shapes from pink paper.
  2. Fold ears flaps on paper plate up. Glue pink paper onto paper plate ears. Tape paper plate together to fit the size of your child’s head.
  3. Paint the egg carton noses the color of your choice.
  4. Use sharp point (I used the point of my scissors) to cut small holes on the sides of the noses.  Thread the elastic through the holes and tie the ends so that they don’t come out.  Tape white paper strips on the inside of the nose and fold outward for whiskers (see photo 4 above).

This craft is easy enough for most kids to do on their own with a little help from a grown-up (i.e. tying the elastic).

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