Two Simple Skirts (KCWC Day 1)

I’m popping in late tonight after a day of sewing and tending to a “sick” child who was most definitely faking it for a day home with Mommy. I was easily able to finish off these two skirts today in a matter of a couple house, including cutting.

I think these skirts are tied at first for the easiest skirts to make, ever.  There’s really not much to them at all. The one on the left uses the same method I used in this tutorial for a no-hem skirt.  And while the skirt on the right has a hem, the stretchy-knit waistband takes all the fussy-ness out of pushing elastic through a small casing.  Easy. Peasy. (skirt on the right based on this skirt from Trula:Kids)

Here’s my little chicadee who decided to change right into the first skirt I finished.

I can’t believe it’s only the first day and I’m already behind. I had planned on completing 3 skirts today, then jumping right into a dress tomorrow. Hopefully my little one will be ready to return to school tomorrow and I can get a little caught up.

Are you playing along? How has the first day been for you? Do you have big plans for this week?


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    Behind?? You are doing fabulous…I managed to trace a pattern today! I need to get off the Internet and down to sewing ow that the kids are in bed. I love your skirts and the colors you chose!! I have been wanting to try a stretchy knit waistband. Thanks for the inspiration!

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