Making Boxes

Today I’m sharing a little side-project I’ve been working on. I recently started a new site with one simple focus, free box templates. It’s mostly been a little experiment of mine as I’ve been learning about basic design and how to use Adobe Illustrator. I recently finished up an Illustrator course taught by Alma, from [...]


Spontaneous Crafting

making foam stick puppets
School breaks are my absolute favorite times of the year. I’m not good with all of the rushing around and time constraints of school days, so I relish every second of our days off. What do we do? Not much really. Play games, explore, or just spend time working on our own projects. I also [...]

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4 Perfect Uses for Pom Poms

Could this pom-pom clown wig from Lisa Storms be any more perfect? I love how vibrant the colors are! And while you’re making all of those colorful pom poms, set some aside to use as bookmarks, as seen on Design Mom: This pom pom headband looks like little bear ears when worn…so perfectly cute! (Tutorial [...]


Bias-Trimmed Skirt (KCWC Day2)

I managed to finish up the skirt I started yesterday! I cut some strips from a dainty floral print I’ve been wanting to use and turned them into bias tape for the edges. I’ve been sewing my skirts selvage to selvage and I just don’t think it’s cutting it anymore for me. I need more [...]

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Peanut-Free Baking and Sweets

I had such a positive response to my Peanut Free Lunches post and it is evident that parents are looking for some creative solutions when it comes to recipes without nuts (and other allergens for that matter).  Theresa recently asked specifically for some alternatives to regular old cake on our Facebook page, so I thought [...]


DIY Masking Tape Roadway

I love all of the details in this homemade roadway!  All of it, including the cityscape in the background, was made from colorful masking tape (painter’s tape, washi tape…whatever you choose to call it). I think this idea could work equally well for those without a dedicated play space if you used a rug that [...]


Printable 3D Alphabet from DigitProp

DigitProp made an amazing collection of 3D letters. Aren’t they awesome!?!?  And they are all available for free download here.  Make them all, or choose your favorites!  They’re all pretty great, but I think I love the U and the N the most. How ’bout you…any faves? Also be sure to check out his paper [...]


Hot Air Balloon Ikea Hack

Nicola from Next to Nicx made these gorgeous hot air balloon decorations from an Ikea lamp and tea set. She used them for a baby shower, but I think they would add such a lovely touch to a little girl’s room, especially little girls with a penchant for throwing tea parties.  See the tutorial at [...]


Bottle Cap Stamps

Here’s a fun and easy way to add custom stamps to your child’s art supplies! Go check out Mel’s Own Place for a tutorial on making these stamps using bottle caps!

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Have you noticed that posts have been rather inconsistent around here lately? I have. I get enormous satisfaction out of finding projects that I want to make for my kiddos and sharing them with you folks. I have a ton of items starred in my reader, a few submissions waiting to be posted, and another [...]

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