Teach Your Child to Tie Shoelaces

I’ve been feeling a bit like a slacker mom since hearing my 6 year old tell me that her friends have been tying her shoelaces at school. We attempted some practice before the school year started, but it just wasn’t clicking for her. A quick search on teaching children to tie their laces brought me [...]


Tutorial: 3 No-Sew Halloween Onesies

My littlest is an October baby. She was born a week before Halloween and I only had one halloween-y outfit for her, which she wore to a pumpkin patch and completely swallowed her up. I remember that when it came time to go trick-or-treating with my then 16-month-old daughter I wanted my newborn to be [...]


35 DIY Halloween Hoodie Costumes

Its amazing what one can make with a simple hoodie!  I’ve rounded up some awesome tutorials, ideas, and insparation for Halloween costumes made from hoodies and sweatsuits… Animal Hoodie Costumes   Monkey hoodie costume tutorial from Craft     Lion hoodie costume instructions from National Geographic Kids   Goldfish hoodie costume tutorial from How to [...]


Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies

Seriously, does it get any better? I have an ongoing list of baking recipes that I’ve been making with my girls. I’m not sure if we’ll be making these, but they look so yummy I had to share. Go see Gotta Little Space for the recipe!


Homemade Lacing Block

The Wonder Years shares many Montessori-inspired activities that can be made at home. This lacing board is simple to make and is perfect to help your preschooler practice his lacing skills. Click here to learn how to make one AND how to introduce the activity to your child!


Homemade Bottle Cap Game

This super-fun homemade toy from Julie K in Taiwan is a fabulous way to let your little ones practice screwing the tops on and off of bottles without losing the caps. Perfect for car rides! Check it out here!

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Sewing Cards from Juice Tops

One Inch World has discovered that juice tops are sturdy enough to make excellent custom sewing cards for your little crafters! Click here for more!


Rag Quilt Alphabet Tutorial

  These rag quilt letters from Happy Together are so bright and colorful…I think any child would be instantly attracted to them! Click here for the tut!

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Make a Backyard Tent from an Old Sheet

You can make a fun and relaxing retreat for your littles with the help of a bed sheet! Craft Addictions explains how she created hers here!

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Easy Counting Game

  Here’s a simple way to help your kiddos practice their counting skills (with a little fine motor thrown in for good measure)! It’s a cinch to make and you probably already have everything you need! Check out Naptime Journal for the details!